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This site is an official site belonging to the No.1 pop group Rednex, famous for hits such as "Cotton Eye Joe", "Old Pop In An Oak", "Spirit of the Hawk", "Wish You Were Here" and more.

To read up on anything that is going on with Rednex, listen to new music, watch new videos, check out the latest pics or book the band for a show or contact them for whatever, please visit the official Rednex web page -

The pictures here are taken from the video shoot of "Devil's On The Loose" which was recorded in Sweden on August 27th 2009. The song is included on the 4th Rednex album "Saturday Night Beaver".

This web site was illegally administered by the former band members Annika Ljungberg and Jens Sylsjö from January 2009 - February 2010. We sincerely apologize for having had a severe synapse-collapse when appointing these people to join the band in the first place.

Photo: © 2009 Le Monde de Leo

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